03 April, 2014


 (Topshop shirt)

What can be better than to find perfect soft shirt which can be worn for any occasion?
I picked up this one in Topshop and can't stop wearing it. You can mix it with anything from simple black pants to bright pink skirt with yellow dots on it. Everything is up to you.

21 March, 2014


(Michael Kors jacket, Topshop shirt, Balenciaga bag, Zara pants)

MOOD: Will Heard - Sonnentanz (Sun don't shine)
My Milla just came to me and I'm so happy! All we do now is just walking around London (cause it's her first time here) and I'm trying to show her as much as possible. Unfortunately, the city is so rainy now (I hope that it will become better), so here is my last photos of already"spring" oufit, which we shot with Wenwen the other day on Marble Arch. I love the way how this simple white shirt looks with classic black pants and I combined it with my beloved Michael Kors jacket (picked up in New York a couple of years ago) and some gold jewelry. 

18 March, 2014


(Zara dress and shoes, Topshop jacket, Michael Kors bag)

MOOD: The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
Sometimes I like to spend the days with no special plans, and just walk around this beautiful city and enjoy every single corner of it. This day wasn't an exeption! I spent such a lovely evening with Adelina, talking about random things and we took these photos as well when the sun was so beautiful. Can't believe that I could wear the dress with no tights in march already! However, today it was quite cold and when I was meeting my old friend Masha we couldn't normally walk because of the cold wind and tried to sit in a different cafes the whole evening. But I hope that it will become warm again soon, cause I'm planning to go out this weekend and want to wear something short:) By the way, tomorrow will be the last day of studying for me before a huge easter break and I can't wait anymore, cause I have some quite interesting plans for this break, which I'm going to tell you soon!

16 March, 2014


(American Apparel tights, Zara suit and jacket, Vintage boots)

MOOD: The Beatles - Sexy Sadie
This is the look I wore for my uni last week. It's too conservative, so I decided to wear something not so classic and put on this net tights, which made this look a bit sexy and cool at the same time. The weather became so good and I just can't sit at home. However, I have lots of work to complete before Milla will come to me( she is coming this week already). And I spent the weekend going out with my sister and walking around London by my own, so now I have to stay at home unfortunately:( But a lot of new looks will be posted here soon, so stay updated!)